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Virtual Fundraising

At this point in time, you can't have 50 or 500 people gathered together for an evening to raise money. This doesn't mean you can't get your supporters together virtually.

On-line fundraising shouldn't be boring - it has to be a combination of different platforms, from on-line auctions to live stream presentations, pre-recorded segments mixed in, and break out rooms for your attendees to socialize.

Combined with your on-line auction platform (we can help guide you there if you'd like), we can pre-record components of your live stream, as well as have a live component, combining them all seamlessly.

Showing tote boards, or auction item prices; having a live ask for support works especially well for specific items; and, having a student pre-recorded component, whether it's a virtual choir, a virtual play, or just your students asking for support.


Combine this with interactive components for your guests, and while they'll know they're not in the school gym, they'll feel connected in the right way. All which of will help your fundraising.


And, if you'd like, we can add a Pay-Per-View component, ensuring that you receive revenue from all viewers.


Let us customize an event for you - our goal is for you to raise as much as possible - we want you to be successful!

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